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Our First Watch

Our First Watch

In 2016 Smart Hour began its journey of creating an affordable everyday hybrid smartwatch. In 2017 Smart Hour's first watch was created and successfully raised over $100,000 in pre-orders. 

What are we up to now?

What are we up to now?

Smart Hour began shipping orders in August of 2017 and continues to develop new products. We plan to start accepting pre-orders for our second hybrid watch in the summer of 2018. Keep an eye out and subscribe to our newsletter below to be the first to get your wrists on our newest technology.

Hybrid Smartwatch Capabilities

  • Step Tracking

    Set step goals and track your steps.

  • Sleep Tracking

    Track your sleep patterns.

  • Notification Alerts

    Set your watch to notify you of incoming calls, messages, and other phone notifications.

  • Set Alarms

    Set alarms on your watch.

  • Remotely Take Photos

    Remotely take photos on your phone by simply shaking your watch.

  • Bluetooth

    Each Smart Hour watch is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. 


Is the mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android?

Yes. The mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Are the batteries easy to replace?

Yes. The back of the watch easily screws off with a tool that we provide with every watch. The watch has two separate batteries, one Vinnic L626 battery which powers the movement (2 year battery life) and one CR2032 battery which powers the smart module (3 to 7 month battery life). An extra smart module (CR2032) battery is also provided with every watch. Replacement batteries can also be bought from our website.

Can notification alerts/beeping be turned off?

Do I need my phone with me to track steps/distance?

No you do not need your phone with you. The watch tracks steps and distance on its own and can hold up to a weeks worth of data.

The GPS function is done through the phone app, so if you want to track run routes you must have your phone with you.

Do these watches have vibration?

No. Unfortunately vibration is  not in our first model but it is something we are working on for future models.